Saturday, June 9, 2007

Introduction (Why Penelope Unravels)

Hello world!

This blog has been started mainly because I'm awaiting my Ravelry invite, and I wanted a place to gush about knitting, and also a place where I could categorize my recent FOs. I'm not sure how much I'll continue with the blog after that, but chances are that I will. I'm not stopping knitting anytime soon, and I spend enough time on the internet as is. :P

So. Why Penelope Unravels? My title harkens to The Odyssey. While Odysseus is trying to get home from fighting in the Trojan War, many suitors take it upon them to start trying to win the hand of Penelope, Odysseus' wife. Those suitors thought he was dead and all. FOOLS, ODYSSEUS IS PIMP. :P

Anyhow, Penelope wards off the suitors by telling them that she would pick one of them as soon as she finishes weaving a funeral shroud for her father-in-law. She would work on it during the day, and then would unweave the work at night, so by morning, she was no closer to having to make a decision, buying Odysseus more time to get home and all.

While the Odyssey seems to make Penelope a weaver, I think it's much more likely that she was a knitter. We all know how fun ripping your work back can be. And therein do I get my title. I'm a knitter, I unravel, and I aspire to be as patient and faithful to her family as she is.

So welcome to my blog, have a sit down, and enjoy!

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