Saturday, August 18, 2007

FO - Bastardized Razor Cami

I finally have pictures for my Razor Cami!

I gave up on my brother, and played with stacks of books, mirrors, and the trusty self timer, if you must know.

Yarn: Unknown. Of an acrylic lineage.
Cami was cast on with +12 of the original number the pattern suggests. It was knit until I liked the length. That got thrown onto scrap yarn.
Started a raglan with the other color, added in the pattern when it felt decent. Many graphs and charts were made. It was a party.
After some time, the fronts were connected, the sleeves were put on scrap yarn, and a bit more knitting was done.
The two halves were joined by my own tricky knitting, I knit a few extra rows in the round, and then bound off. This created a somewhat rolled bridge that provides a nice line for the mini-sweater.
Sleeves were finished, knit on DPNs 3 sizes larger because I like the chunky ribbing look. THE END. :D

(It looks pretty awful by itself, doesn't it? :P)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In which Cassie "reinvents" knitting.

In recent Cassie news...

The bastardized Razor Cami was finished two week ago or so. I'm waiting for a spare moment in which I can steal my brother for an impromptu photoshoot.

Icarus is bugging me. Again. We'll put that baby away a bit more while I decide what to do with it.

I'm starting to design my first sweater! It's utilizing the Wheel Web motif from Barbara Walker's third treasury. For my design, I was going to try to reverse the wheel web so that it would work...flipped around. Or whatever. I thought it would be simple. Just read the directions backwards! Knit the last row first, etc.

I can tell you first hand that it does not work. (No duh, right?)

Especially when it should look like this:


stay tuned for more sweater fun! :D