Tuesday, June 12, 2007

FO - Ram's Horn Jacket

The second I saw the book Knitting Nature by Norah Gaugan in Barnes and Noble, I knew I had to buy it. It has such a plethora of beautiful, amazing, fantastically clever designs. This was my first project from the book, and I have to say that while some parts of the direction were awkwardly worded, I totally loved knitting this.

This was knit from 7 hanks of Cascade 220, and while the color in the photos isn't exactly correct, it's still pretty close. It's a deep mahogany brown, and in the sunlight it shines with a red tinge. But, it also has a tiny bit of yellow in there. Really really pretty. I'm very pleased with my yarn choice. I think the 220 will hold up excellently to wear, and it was a good choice to get a workhorse yarn for my first sweater.

Some alterations I did: I didn't feel like sewing up hems after I was done, so I cast on the back, the fronts, and the two sleeves with provisional cast ons. I knit the required 3 inches, did the purl row, knit the rest of the three inches, and then I put the cast on onto needles. Knit those two rows together, and then proceeded with the rest of the garment. It worked very nicely, and I was happy that it feel so nice when wearing.

I also did change the length of the sleeves, making them extra long, and I added some minimal shaping too, decreasing slightly for the elbow and forearm, before increasing for the upper arm segment. My row gauge was slightly off too, so some of the pieces ended up blocking to a different size than the scheme said, but that was fine, because I planned for all that in advance too. Yay for gauge!

I might be looking for a new clasp, but for now, I am simply using a hair-stick to keep it closed. I rather like how minimal it is, and the stain on the wood matches the yarn color nicely.

Andddddd. I think that's about it! I can't wait to get started on my next Knitting Nature project. The Basalt Tank, probably.

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