Tuesday, June 12, 2007

FO - Ravenclaw Kneesocks

These socks were knit because of a need for kick-ass socks for the premiere of the 7th Harry Potter book. I've been collecting and making various parts of a Ravenclaw Prefect costume for some years now, and the socks were the latest addition. I now have socks, a hand-sewed skirt, a tie, a collared button down shirt, a grey sweater, awesome mary jane shoes, a hand-embroidered prefects' badge and Ravenclaw crest, and a wand. YAY.

These socks were knit from some machine-knitting yarn from WEBS. It's 2/6 Donegal Tweed, and I got 1 pound of the yarn on sale for $8. I LOVE the yarn. It's a bit rough, but nothing my feet can't handle. It's got amazing blue tweed effects, too.

Not wanting to purchase another two skeins of yarn for the couple yards I would need for the stripes, I chose to dye the yarn the dark blue and the orangeish-bronze with regular food coloring used in cooking. It turned out well, and the bronze bled a tiny bit, but I think the color is set pretty fast now.

The socks were knit toe up which is awesome, and I referenced Knitty's Universal Sock Formula. Increases for the calf were of my own devising.

And I was so impressed with how easy knitting socks is. I'm definitely going to be knitting more and more of them. They're so fun, and I LOVE wearing my kneesocks around the house, even when it's getting to be in the 90's.


nonaKnits said...

What great knee-socks and perfect for the upcoming Harry Potter book. My 19 year old son has the tradition of getting each new book at midnight and staying up all night to read it. He'll be out of the country this summer and has left specific instructions where to send the book when it's released -- a true fan.

woolcat said...

Just spotted these on Ravelry. I love them! Where's the pic of the whole Ravenclaw outfit then?