Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Razor Cami, extremely bastardized

First of all, I got my Ravelry invite two days ago.

I would like my life back, please! I've spent endless time stalking all around the site, and I love it. (I'm ensorceler on the site, if you care to look me up.) I love how the site makes everything so much more organized. I can tell that the queue is going to be my very best friend in time.

Anyhow, here's what's up in my knitting world!
I've had four balls of unidentified yarn in my stash for some time. I'm pretty sure it's all acrylic, but it's very soft,and around a dk weight, I think. Two balls of light green, two of cornflower blue. I've constantly wondered what I should do with them, and an idea popped into my head.

I'm making a bastardized version of the Razor Cami by Katie at Oh My Stars. Basically, I'm using the lace pattern and...that's it. The bottom portion of the mini-sweater that I'm knitting will be the normal Razor Cami. This section will be in green. I'm making a cardigan-style raglan top for it out of the blue, and the pattern will be integrated into that. Once I get the correct stitch count, the sweater will be joined, grafted to the green part, I'll knit-on some ribbing, and voila. A (what I hope will be) quite cute sweater. And it'll use up stash yarn. Yay! :D

Anyhow, the blue portion is a lot larger now, but that provides a good enough inkling of what it looks like, right? :D

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